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Arnold O. Beckman: 1900 - 2004

"Arnold Beckman exemplifies the meaning of the word humanitarian. Combined with his unwavering enthusiasm for life, his keen sense of humor and his strong moral and ethical principles, he is a national icon. He has been my close, long-time friend and mentor. Simply put, Arnold Beckman was truly one of the great Horatio Alger heroes of the 20th century. He will be sorely missed, not only by myself, but by everyone who has had the privilege to know him, and whose lives have been touched by his intellect, inventiveness and his wonderful vision and generosity."

- Chairman of the Board, Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation
Ambassador George L. Argyros

Remembering a humble inventor whose ingenius instruments revolutionized science, earning him a fortune that he largely donated to those who could save or improve people's lives.

A visual timeline of his life and legacy

Arnold O. Beckman: One Hundred Years of Excellence

Arnold Thackray and Minor Myers, Jr.
Series in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, special
2000, Chemical Heritage Foundation
397 pp, illus, index, CD-ROM video portrait
Cloth, 9 x 11, ISBN 0-941901-23-8