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Beckman Scholars Program

Beckman Scholars Program Institutional Award

The purpose of the Beckman Scholars Program is to help stimulate, encourage and support research activities by exceptionally talented, full-timed undergraduate students who are pursuing their studies at accredited four-year colleges and universities located in the United States of America. These research activities shall be centered in either chemistry, biochemistry, the biological and medical sciences or some combination of these subjects. Candidates for Beckman Scholars must be full-time students throughout the duration of the award.

The research activities performed by Beckman Scholars shall be conducted under the guidance of a full-time faculty member at the college or university receiving an award. The research work performed by the Scholar shall be deemed to be publishable by the student's faculty mentor. Such activities shall be performed part-time (ten hours per week) during one academic year and full-time over two summers (ten weeks each summer) immediately before and after the academic year research experience.

Students will be named as Beckman Scholars in the spring of their sophomore or junior years at their university or college. Once selected to be a Beckman Scholar, a student will retain the funding as long as he/she continues to excel academically, is in good academic standing, and his/her research work shows satisfactory progress. Beckman Scholar summer funds may extend through the summer following graduation. Beckman Scholar funds provided to any one student may not exceed two summers and one academic year.



A university/college will be eligible for one award that must be used over a three-year period. Each award will fund up to six Beckman Scholars (including student scholarships, travel funds and research supplies) extending over two summers and one academic year. Carnegie Classification Research I universities will be eligible to receive up to six (no more than three scholarships to be awarded in any one year) Beckman Scholar awards. Research II, Doctoral I, and Masters I universities will be eligible to receive up to five awards (no more than three scholarships to be awarded in any one year). Baccalaureate I universities and colleges will be eligible to receive up to four awards (no more than two scholarships to be awarded in any one year). Award recipients may be invited to apply for a new award beginning the year immediately following completion of an award cycle.

The amount of funding per student is $19,300, assuming he/she works two full-time summers and one part-time academic year.

The following is a breakdown of each Beckman Scholar award:

Summer Funding

- $6,000 per summer for each student

Academic Year Funding

- $4,000 per academic year for each student

Scientific meeting travel funds and research supplies to support research activities:

Summer Travel and Supplies Funding

- $850 per summer for each student

Academic Year Travel and Supplies Funding

- $1,600 per academic year for each student

The Beckman Foundation does not provide for overhead or for indirect costs.

2014 Beckman Scholar Award institutions will begin to make their scholarship awards in the summer of 2014 until the summer of 2017. In any event, 2014 institutions will not be considered for new application invitations until the 2017 program.